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Carver Middle School
Updated August 2023

Dress and Personal Grooming: Carver Uniform Policy

Carver's goal is to foster students that are prepared academically to achieve at high levels in high school and college. We ask for the parent's support in students maintaining a "uniform look" (see below for uniform guidelines). 

At this time, we are unable to predict all fashion and personal grooming trends and will adjust the guidelines as needed. TPS Board Policy 2601 and 2601-R will be the minimum guideline followed by Carver Middle School.

The uniform policy will be enforced. If you have questions about appropriate dress, please contact the Carver main office before making purchases.


  • Polo shirts: 
    • Solid colors only - purple, black, gray or white
    • Long or short sleeve
    • No logos, except Carver logo
  • Oxford or button up shirts:
    • Purple, black, gray or white
    • Long or short sleeves 
  • Jacket, blazer and vest (zip-up front or pullover): 
    • Purple, black, gray or white
    • Style: Carver fleece, Carver zip-up front or Carver pullover/hoodie (Purchase from spirit store)
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt:
    • Purple, black, gray or white
  • Carver PTSA hoodie & spirit shirts (acceptable every day)
  • Hoods must be kept down inside the building.


  • Standard Uniform:  capri, khaki or black joggers, pants, and shorts:
    • Any shade of khaki or black
    • Uniform bottoms should fit the student properly (not form fitting or too loose) 
  • Skirts & Skorts:
    • Khaki, black, Carver plaid
    • Garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student. 

Important Requirements

The following will be considered a uniform infraction unless administration has notified students/parents of a special event that will require modification to to traditional uniform policy (Spirit Week, etc): 

Items that are not acceptable as part of the Carver School Uniform:

  • Tennis skirts
  • Fish-net leggings or hosiery
  • Fringed hems, cut-offs, holes, rips, or tears in clothing
  • Sweatpants, athletic joggers, pajamas, yoga pants, leggings, or stretch pants
    • Carver sweatpants/Carver joggers are permitted on Fridays only!
  • Visible name brand clothing label and logos
  • Flip flops, open-toed sandals, crocs, or slides
  • Hats, beanies, bandanas, stocking caps, scarves, or any other head covering, even if they are school colors


On Fridays, Carver students are granted a "Relax Day." Below are the standard guidelines for these days:


  • Must be blue or black  denim jeans (no red, green, yellow, hot pink, etc.) 
  • Jeans must be in good condition—free of rips, holes, frays, tears, etc. 
  • Blue or black jean denim shorts are acceptable—must be of appropriate length and of appropriate fit.
  • Students must wear the approved Carver uniform shirt or spirit shirt.


  • Must be Carver spirit wear sweatpants.
  • No other sweatpants will be allowed.


Students can earn free passes for clothing based on incentives:

  • Jeans Passes allow jeans and a uniform or Carver shirt (no rips).
  • Hat Pass allows a student to wear an appropriate hat
  • Free Dress passes allow all clothing styles including sweats, joggers and an appropriate free-choice shirt.

Uniform closet

Carver has a small uniform closet with gently used and some new uniforms. If you have outgrown uniform items to donate, have your student drop them off in the main office. If you need help acquiring uniform items for your student, contact Mrs. Parnosky at