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Tops in any solid purple, black, gray, or white

Acceptable Tops: Polo Shirts, Oxford (button up shirts), Jackets & Vests (zip-up front or pullover), Crewneck Sweatshirt, Carver PTSA hoodie, Spirit shirts (Friday only)

*A single, left or right chest logo is permitted (brand logos, OU, OSU, K-State, etc).

Note: Spirit shirts are any t-shirt or shirt relating to Carver organizations or events.  While they are usually school colors, there may be exceptions

Bottoms in any shade of khaki or black; skirts and skorts can be Carver Plaid in addition to khaki or black 

Acceptable Bottoms:  Capri, Pants, Joggers, Shorts, Skirts, and Shorts

Important Requirements 

The following descriptions are considered uniform infractions unless administration has notified our campus of a special event that will require modification to traditional uniform policy (Spirit Week, etc):

  • Bottoms well below a student’s waist
  • Shirts not tucked in
  • Hoodies with the exception of Carver hoodies
  • Bandanas, even if they are school colors
  • Pants tucked into socks
  • Shoes not covering a student’s toes 
  • Brands or logos that extend past an upper left or upper right location on the student’s top
  • Cargo pockets or outside stitched pockets/patches
  • Corduroy or denim material of any color
  • Skinny cut pants
  • Rivets, holes, rips, and/or tears in clothing 
  • Fishnet leggings or hosiery