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Carver Uniform Policy

The uniform policy will be enforced. If you have any questions about appropriate dress, please notify the office before making purchases.  As you are shopping for your student’s uniform, please be reminded that while a store may advertise they sell school uniforms, the listed guidelines should still be met.


  • solid purple, black, gray, or white polo shirt
  • solid purple, black, gray, or white oxford (button up shirts)
  • solid purple, black, gray, or white jackets & vest (zip-up front or pullover)
  • solid purple, black, gray, or white crewneck sweatshirt
  • spirit shirt (Friday only)

Notes: Tops may include one small logo on the left or right chest. Spirit shirts are any t-shirt or shirt relating to Carver organizations or events.  While they are usually school colors, there may be some exceptions.


  • any shade of khaki or black pants
  • any shade of khaki or black shorts
  • any shade of khaki or black capris
  • any shade of khaki, black, or Carver plaid skirts
  • any shade of khaki, black, or Carver plaid skorts

Uniform Infractions

The following are considered a uniform infraction unless administration has notified campus of a special event that will require modification to traditional uniform policy (Spirit Week, etc):

  • Bottoms well below a student’s waist
  • Shirts not tucked in with the exception of spirit shirts on Fridays 
  • Hoodies with the exception of  the Carver PTSA hoodies
  • Bandanas, even if they are school colors
  • Pants tucked into socks
  • Shoes not covering a student’s toes 
  • Brands or logos that extend past an upper left or upper right location on the student’s top
  • Multiple brand logos on a single top
  • Cargo pockets 
  • Corduroy or denim material of any color
  • joggers
  • Rivets, holes, rips, and/or tears in clothing 
  • Fish-net leggings or hosiery

We are unable to predict all fashion and personal grooming trends and will adjust the guidelines as needed. (TPS Board Policy 2601 and 2601-R)

"Jeans Day" Guidelines

On special occasions Carver students are granted a “Jeans Day” that will be approved and designated by the administration.

Below are the standard guidelines for those special days:

  • Must be blue denim jeans (not black, red, green, yellow, etc.)
  • Jeans must be in good repair—free of rips, holes, frays, tears, etc.
  • Blue jean denim shorts are acceptable—must be of appropriate length and of appropriate fit
  • No cargo jeans or shorts
  • Students must wear the approved Carver Uniform shirt or Spirit shirt

Students not adhering to the above “jeans day” guidelines will be sent to the appropriate grade level counselor or health assistant to change.

We will not call parents as the process of waiting for different clothing takes away from instructional time.