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Dress and Personal Grooming: Carver Uniform Policy

Carver's goal is to foster students that are prepared academically to achieve at high levels in high school and college. We ask for parent's support in focusing all Carver students on their class work and academic success.

We ask for the parent's support in students maintaining a "uniform look." We are unable to predict all fashion and personal grooming trends and will adjust the guidelines as needed. TPS Board Policy 2601 and 2601-R will be the minimum guideline followed by Carver Middle School.

The uniform policy will be enforced. If you have any questions about appropriate dress, please notify the office before making purchases.

As you are shopping for your student's uniform, please be reminded that while a store may advertise they sell school uniforms, the listed guidelines should still be met.


  • Polo Shirts:
    • Colors: white, Carver purple, black, gray; solid colors only
    • Long or short sleeve
    • No logos
    • Polos with 5" placket, maximum of three buttons on placket
  • Oxford Shirts or Oxford Style Twill Shirts:
    • Colors: white, purple
    • Long or short sleeve
  • Jacket and Vest:
    • Colors: black, Carver purple, gray
    • Style: Fleece, zip-up front or pullover, cadet collar (Carver logo only)
    • Black blazer: With Carver crest patch sewn on (available at K Renee's and C&J)
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt:
    • Colors: black, white, gray, Carver purple
      • With appropriate black, white, gray, or purple shirt underneath
  • Undershirts:
    • Colors: black, white, gray, Carver purple


  • Standard Uniform Capri, Pants, and Shorts:
    • Colors: khaki, black
    • Uniform bottoms should fit the student properly (not form fitting or too loose)
  • Belts:
    • Colors: black, brown, white, khaki
    • A belt must be worn with uniform pants or shorts
  • Skirts and Skorts:
    • Colors: khaki, black, Carver purple
    • Garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student.

Socks, shoes, and Accessories

  • Shoes:
    • Must cover the entire foot (toes and heels) for the safety of the student
  • Socks:
    • White, Carver purple, gray, or black in solid colors, simple stripes, or dots (designs must be white, purple, gray, or black)
  • Accessories
    • Beaded jewelry colors/hair accessories: white, Carver purple, gray, or black in solid colors and in good taste
    • Visible pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ear
  • Leggings/Tights:
    • Must be black, white, or neutral in color. (No fishnet leggings or hosiery with designs.)



Shop here for your school uniforms


  • Be prepared to replace uniforms that may become worn out or outgrown. Uniforms should be in good repair with no holes, rips, or tears.
  • A polo shirt (50/50 blend preferred) is defined as a shirt with two or three buttons with a collar. The placket should be no longer than 5". Deep-cut polos are not acceptable.
  • Hoodies should be left in the student's locker upon entrance into the building.
  • All shirts must be tucked in upon entrance into the building.
  • Pant legs must fall on the outside of boots/shoes.
  • Only the school logo may be printed on shirts/jackets.
  • Appropriate size is important in all clothing. Pants and blouses/tops should not be oversized or too tight for the student.
  • Plaid must be in Carver school colors (available at K-Renee and C&J).
  • Student hair color must be within the natural realm.

Prohibited clothing

  • No skinny cut pants or joggers
  • No cargo pockets or outside stitched/patch pockets (back pockets)
  • No rivets on pants or shorts
  • No corduroy or denim material of any color
  • No fringed hems, cut-offs, holes, rips, or tears in clothing
  • No sweatpants, windsuits, pajamas, or stretch pants
  • No visible name brand clothing label
  • No flip flops, open-toed sandals or slides

Jeans Day

On special occasions Carver students are granted a Jeans Day that will be approved and designated by the administration. Below are the standard guidelines for those special days: 

  • Must be blue denim jeans (not black, red, green, yellow, etc.)
  • No "skinny" (tight-fitting) jeans
  • Jeans must be in good repair -- free of rips, holes, frays, tears, etcs
  • Blue jean denim shorts are acceptable -- must be appropriate length and of appropriate fit
  • No cargo jeans or shorts
  • Students must wear the approved Carver uniform shirt or spirit shirt
  • Belt must be worn and uniform/spirit shirt must be tucked in
  • Students not adhering to the above Jeans Day guidelines will be sent to the appropriate grade level counselor