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Global Awareness

From our Multicultural Interlude assembly each year, to our connection with Tulsa's sister city, Tiberias, Israel, Carver is committed to giving our students opportunities to think beyond Tulsa.  It is vital for our future leaders to be aware of global and cultural perspectives, and we actively seek out meaningful connections with others.

Confucius Connection

This past year Carver became a Confucius School through the Han Ban Confucius Institute.  This will allow us to form a partnership with a school in China, as well as provide resources to enrich the Chinese classroom.

Confucius plaque being presented to Carver Middle School

Nofarim Pals

Another school partnership we share is Nofarim School in Tiberias, Israel. This connection happened through the Tulsa Global Alliance's Sister Cities program.  Each year our seventh graders are partnered with a student at Nofarim, and they become penpals. In the spring our seventh graders do a live Skype session with Nofarim to develop the connections even stronger. Three years ago we took the next step and now have exchanges. Nofarim sends a group of seven students and two teachers during one of their winter breaks. Then in the spring, we send a team of seven students and two teachers to visit them in Israel during our spring break.  Through the years we have developed quite a bond with our friends at Nofarim in Tiberias, Israel - all the way around the world!