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Band & Orchestra

Carver has a rich musical tradition.  Under the direction of Mr. Washington, our students develop, practice, and work together to create incredible concert events.  Many go on to participate in the Metro Honor Orchestra held each year.

Rickey Washington
Instrumental Teacher

Arts in the MYP Programme


This is the place to develop vocal skills and create beautiful music as an ensemble.  

Johnisha Mayes-Stanton
Chorus Teacher

Arts in the MYP Programme


Foreign Language

Students have the advantage of selecting three different languages to study at Carver. We believe this is an essential part of a student education and developing global awareness.  The language classes not only let students learn, develop, and practice vocabulary, but also learn about the cultures of countries around the world.

Xioda Li
Chinese Teacher

Beatrice Martinez
Spanish Teacher

Ana Marie Alonso-Fluentes
Spanish Teacher

Language Learning in the MYP Programme

Gateway Technology

This hands-on course offers students the chance to explore and learn about technology in new ways.  Students discover the inner workings of electronics as well as discover the design process.

Gerald Wyers
Gateway Technology Instructor

Design in the MYP Programme


Physical Education

Students have a fun time as they learn about the importance of physical activity and health.  Sports are highlighted, as students learn the rules and procedures for each, such as volleyball; and sportsmanship is a key part of this class.

Lavelle Dyer
Physical Education Teacher

Emit Ball
Physical Education Teaching Assistant

MYP Physical and Health Education

Speech & Debate

Carver has an active, winning Speech & Debate team. Students research, write, and develop their own speeches, which are used to compete in local events. 

Fran Frakes
Speech & Debate Teacher

MYP Language & Literature

Visual Arts

Students develop art skills, vocabulary, and design concepts while creating authentic pieces of artwork.  At Carver, our students have the opportunities to use a wide variety of art materials to express their ideas.

Susan Smith
Visual Arts Teacher

Arts in the MYP Programme