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HIDE Parent/Teacher Conferences

In an effort to streamline the Parent/Teacher Conference Process, PTSA has been working with administration on a new plan.  Please be patient (and kind with your comments!) as we work out the bugs.  We appreciate your feedback.  Feel free to reach out with comments or questions.

Please click on the link for your child's teacher(s) below and fill out a time that works best for you.  Because of the high volume of parent support that we have at Carver, each time slot is 5 minutes and it is important that you arrive on time and don't stay longer than your slot so that the system can run as smoothly as possible.  If you feel like you need to spend longer than 5 minutes with any one teacher, please email your child's teacher and make an appointment.  You can find contact information for all of the teachers in the staff directory.

 Please note:

  • Mrs. Dorsey will be absent on Monday, October 7 because of a volleyball tournament.
  • Ms. Li is part-time at Carver and will only be here on Monday.
  • Ms. Takahashi is also part-time at Carver and will only be here on Thursday.


Alonso-Fuentes, Ana Maria Spanish 605

Alexander, Thomasine Soc. Stud 7 110

Ashford, Pam Math 8 515

Aycock, Christy Sci. 8 603

Bowler, Dollie Math 6 404

Buchannan, Jerry Math 7-8 203

Caesar, Collin Voc. Mus 6-8 513 

Cox, Jake Eng.6 403 

Dorsey, Jeana Soc. Stud 6-7 400

Dyer, LaVelle P.E. 6-8 900 

Evans, Michelle Math 6-7 405

Fantoni, Julia French 6-8 609

Garba, Hamsatu Sci. 6-7 206

Hanna, Julie Math 7 201

Housel, Ashton Eng. 7-8 502

Jorgenson, Patty Soc. Stud 7 300

Kuku, Tumininu Sci.7 204

Laymon, Jeff Eng. 6 406

Li, Esther Chinese 6-8 607

Lovely, Kristine Spec. Edu 6-8 606

Manuel, Traci Eng. 8 500

Martinez, Beatriz Spanish 505

Rains, William Sci. 7/8 501

Richey, Robert Soc. Stud 6 114

Rivera, Andralid Spanish 120

Smith, D’Juania Eng. 7-8 308

Smith, Susan Art 6-8 506

Takahashi, Mariko Japanese 607

Walls, Wayne Soc.S/Ath.Dir. 134

Walters, Darian Sci. 6-7 207

Washington, Ricky Instr. Music 6-8 600

Wyers, Gerald Tech. 6-8 610