Assignment Architecture
Rock Solid Research & Assignment Architecture

The foundation of Rock Solid Research is Reliable Information.

  • It doesn't matter how hard students work on a project or how beautiful and glitzy it is if the information it is based on is incorrect.
  • Students use reliable resources to find reliable information.
  • If students use Google or any other search engine besides Nettrekker, they will need to evaluate each resource used.

When you want to build something,
you need to use quality materials.

Reliable Information is your
quality research material

The assignment design necessitates students' need to
  • Read to find what they need
  • Reduce what they read down to what they need
  • Reuse other people's exact words only when using quotation marks and citing the source
  • Recycle uncommon information into their own words and citing their sources

The assignment design requires quality research material
  • to make an intelligent decision or choice
  • which must be processed in order to write an original poem, song, story, play, alliterative sentence, rap, or . . .
  • to answer guiding, essential, Why, or Which questions
  • to create picture or verbal analogies (or similes) to explain a concept
Assignment Architecture provides the plan for students

to make decisions and creations using quality reliable resources.

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