Carver MYP Magnet School

Carver Middle School is an academic magnet school which follows the Middle Years Program (International Baccalaureate) framework.  Students must apply and be screened by our school Selection Committee for admission.  Students are selected based on grades, test scores, attendance, behavior, and teacher recommendation.

The MYP program encourages students to obtain a global perspective through the courses taught, both core academic and elective offerings.  Students receive instruction in English/Language Arts, Geography and United States History, Science, and Mathematics.  In the Elective offerings, students receive instruction in World Languages, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Visual Art, Technology Education and Consumer Science, and Physical Education.  In addition to the core academic courses offered students may receive high school credit in algebra and geometry, science, and world language.

Each grade level participates in thematic (MYP) units which bring together elements of each course of study.  Sixth grade completes an in-depth study of George Washington Carver, seventh grade conducts a shelter  building unit as well as holding a joint program with our sister school in Tiberias, Israel, and eighth graders participate in a boat building unit as well as an in-depth study of the Civil War.

Mission Statement

Carver Middle School is committed to empowering all students to be inquirers and to meet high academic standards in a nurturing, enriching, supportive environment where individual differences and talents are respected; academic excellence is promoted; lifelong learning is strongly encouraged; critical, creative, and higher level thinking skills are developed; connections among all disciplines are provided; and students are empowered to become productive citizens of the global community.


We are a community of lifelong learners of unlimited potential which welcomes diversity, embraces challenge, strives for excellence, and celebrates personal growth for every member of the Carver Middle School family.


Develop Global Citizens through:
  • Curriculum
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Community

George Washington Carver picture was painted and
is copyrighted by Mike Wimmer, an Oklahoma artist.

The original painting hangs in the office.


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